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Paul Hieser 2.jpg


Plays the old rock that tells a story.  Add in the harmonica & He Rocks!

Sevario mic.jpg


He has a cool jazz and blues playlist that you just want to hang out and listen to



This Clinton Country Boy sings your Country Classics & Some Originals!



Ryan adds his laid back, soothing rocker sound to all your favorites old and new



She loves those oldies and taps her toes laced with a tamborine.  Love her.

Jason Petit.png


His debut is Monday the 30th.  Can't wait to check out his funky fun sound.  Welcome!!

Darious Pittman.jpg

Darious Pittman

Fun! Upbeat! Great Energy!

Puts a raspy twist on your classic favorites

Andrew graffiti.jpg


His Fast & Fun Tempo keeps you wanting more.  He loves tater tots & Spotted Cow

David Mazzie.jpg


Text him your requests.  A mix from the  50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, & 2000's!

Amber Lynn.JPG

Amber Lynn

Her Hippy Laid Back Sound pleases every crowd.  She's only here for the summer!

Bird and Bloom.jpg

Bird & Bloom

Mom on the keyboard and Daughter on the Chello.  This duet is amazing!



All the way from Milwaukee.  Great Vibe.  Great Music.    Just became a daddy.

August 2020

1st David Noon-3
2nd Ryan 5-8
3rd Ryan 5-8
4th Andrew 5-8
5th Amber Lynn 5-8
6th Darious 6-9
7th Amber Lynn 6-9
8th Paul Noon-3
9th Amber Lynn 5-8
10th Paul 5-8
11th Ryan 5-8
12th Severio 5-8
13th Darious 6-9
14th No Music
Bears vs. Dophins @ noon
Packers vs. Titans @ 7pm
15th David noon-3
16th Ryan 5-8
17th Severio 5-8
18th Andrew 5-8
19th Paul 5-8
20th Darious 6-9
21st Bears vs. Bills @ Noon
Packers vs. Jets at 3:30
Amber Lynn 6-9
22nd Paul Noon-3
23rd Amber Lynn 5-8
24th Paul 5-8
25th Severio 5-8
26th Paul 5-8
27th Darious 6-9
28th No music
Packer vs. Bills @ noon
Bears vs. Titans @ 6
29th David Noon-3
30th Jason 5-8
31st Paul 5-8
Heading 5

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